Hello, I'm Christina

I'm a musician, synesthete, and visual artist
I see colors when I hear music
I use musical imagery to give voice to complex and often inexpressible experiences of humanity
as a way to offer empathy and compassion to others



Classically-trained musician, visual artist, and synesthete Christina Eve has a rare neurological condition called synesthesia that merges the senses, allowing her to see colors and shapes when she hears music. As a synesthetic artist, she translates what she hears into visual form so others can see the beauty of sound.

Utilizing ink and fluid media, most of Christina’s artwork depicts what she sees when listening to a particular song. Offering insight into her experience, she says,

“The very first chord of Moses Sumney's "Doomed" is an oceanic, dark blue paired with a rich vermilion. Moses' voice is interesting to watch – sometimes it's a saturated charcoal-black, sometimes it's a smooth aqua – and that captivating, quick, occasional catch in his voice that sounds like an alto sax...it's a moment of sandpaper-textured gold. The soaring, far-away vocal cries in the background are a writhing purple. At the apex of the song, light pushes back the dark colors, and recedes again as the song draws back into itself.”

In addition to portraying music, Christina uses aurally-stimulated images to illustrate other invisible things like grief and despair, hope and redemption. Her current focus is to give voice to the complex and inexpressible experiences of humanity as a way to offer empathy and compassion, and to encourage others to seek out light and color hidden in the dark.



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email  : christinaeveartist@gmail.com

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