When I first started painting, I was going through a very difficult season of life and was quite hopeless. Creating art helped me to cope with my struggles. In time, I saw that my art spoke to others who were struggling, and have since made it my mission to use my art to extend compassion and empathy to others.

In order to continue the work that I do, I rely on the generous support of patrons like you. When you purchase an original work, a print, or become a Sustaining Patron, your support provides a wage for the many hours I put into not only painting, but the research and administrative work behind it. Your support truly matters to me.

If the art I create brings you any joy, please consider becoming a Patron of my work. You can make a one-time donation, or become a Sustaining Patron with a recurring support amount of your choosing. Even the smallest donation, when given from the heart, creates a cascade of generosity and kindness. 

Forever thankful for your support, and to do the work I do,